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        Industrial Salt Crushing and Washing Plant

        Process introduction

        Industrial salt production line includes salt crusher, salt washing machine, salt dewatering elevator and conveying equipment.


        • high production capability
        • environmental friendly
        • advanced technology
        • Lower investment
        • Easy maintenance

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        We are a professional crushing equipment, screening and washing equipment manufacturer. We can supply all equipment for industrial salt production line.

        Our company can provide the following service:

        1. all machines, including salt crusher, screening machine, salt washing machine and conveying equipment.

        2. our engineer can design the whole layout for your plant if you can provide your land information.

        3. Our engineer can come to your production site to guide installation.

        4. our company can provide the training service for your workers so that they can know how to operate and maintain these machines. 

        Xingyang Juxin Machinery Co.,Ltd has a long history, pls trust us. If any need, pls contact us anytime, we are always here to service for you.






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