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        Vibrating Feeder

        • Type: ZSW Vibrating Feeder
        • Capacity: 60-700t/h
        •  Power: 5.5-30kw
        • Application: ore dressing,building materials ,chemical industry etc

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        Vibrating Feeder is linear vibratory feeding equipment. It has the features of steady vibration, reliable operation and long life. It can provide continuous and uniform feeding for the crushing machine and has a coarse screening to the materials. The vibrating feeder is widely used in broken joint equipment of ore dressing, building materials, chemical industry etc.


        1 Steady vibration, reliable operation, long life.

        2 Easy to adjust the excitation force, can change and control the flow at any time.

        3 The vibrating motor is the excitation source, low noise, low power consumption, good adjustment performance. No impacting materials phenomenon.

        4 Simple structure, reliable operation, easy installation.

        5 Light weight, small volume, easy maintenance.

        6 Preventing dust pollution when adopt closed structure machine body.

        Working Principle

        The vibrating feeder is consist of feeding trough, exciter, spring bearing, transmission device etc. The vibration source of feeding tank vibration is exciter. The exciter is made up of two eccentric shafts and gears. The motor drives the main shaft through the triangle belt, then the top gear of the main shaft drive another shaft to rotate.The two shafts do reverse rotation at the same time and tank vibration to make the materials moving continuously. Thus they can achieve the goal of transporting materials.


        Model Size of Funnel
        Max feeding size




        Instalaltion Slope

        Overall Dimension
        ZSW300*85 3000*850 400 60-100 5.5 3.6 0 3110*1800*1600
        ZSW380*95 3800*950 500 70-150 11 4.2 3900*1800*1600
        ZSW420*110 4200*1100 600 100-240 11 4.8 4400*2400*2250
        ZSW490*110 4900*1100 600 120-280 15 5.5 5200*2400*2250
        ZSW490*130 4900*1300 650 200-450 22 6.8 5200*2600*2450
        ZSW600*150 6000*1500 800 400-700 30 8.7 6200*2860*2250
        The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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