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        Swing Feeder

        • Type: BF Series of Swing Feede
        • Capacity: 6-50t/h
        • Power: 0.75-5.5kw
        • Application:chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, construction, mineral processing, coal and other industries

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        Swing feeder(pendulum feeder) is widely used in chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, construction, mineral processing, coal and other industries, will block the material from the storage silo sent by the device. It is fit for feeding small particle materials in ore bin, especially fit for the feeding process of ball mill with belt conveyor. Swing feeding machine is able to deliver block and granular materials from storage silo to receiving device evenly, regularly and continuously in the production process.


        It is one kind for the ball mill collection ore belt type conveyor for the ore equipment; because the structure is simple, the ease of operation, the power consumption few, it may adjust evenly the quantity of mineral deposits, and it obtains the widespread application.

        Working Principle

        After the electric motor starts, the power transmits the worm reducer to decelerate through the shaft coupling. (Must adjust the site of power wheel according to mineral quantity) Decelerating the power transmission, may adjust wheel, then through the connecting rod, so as to make the obligation-suspending-ledger to arc-swing to and fro again, then causes ore mouth again and again opening from the surface closed; the ore machine pocket ore located for above, can pass the machine organism cavity, and the ore mouth, until discharges the outside of the aircraft with a uniform speed, and guarantees the ball mill evenly to the material production.



        Feeding inlet

        Max feeding size

        Stroke of Eccentric Wheel





        BF300*300 300*300 30 0-90 1390 6.5 0.75 0.272
        BF400*400 400*400 35 0-170 1400 12 1.1 0.558
        BF600*600 600*600 50 0-200 1400 25 1.5 0.613
        BF800*800 800*800 50 0-250 1400 30-50 5.5 1.055
        The capacity refers to limestone, professing capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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