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        Double Axle Mixer

        • Type:DLJ Series of Double Axle Mixer
        • Capacity: 10-45t/h
        • Power: 5.5-37kw

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        Double Axle mixer is also called Biaxial stirrer. There are Biaxial rotation reversing paddles in the horizontal cylinder body. At an angle, paddles make the materials circulating and churning along axial and radial, so mixing the material quickly. Even if the material has a difference in specific gravity and particle size, after the staggered arrangement of the mixing blades’ quick and severe churning and tossing, the materials can also mixed plenty. Double Axle mixer has the high mixing uniformity and less residues, and it is the ideal equipment which is suitable for stirring two or more materials.


        1 Double helical blades movement in opposite directions, homogeneity.

        2 oblique tooth reducer, large torque, and long life.

        3 special designed protective door, easy maintenance.

        4 double-way S-style screw blade.

        5 timer (0-30 minute).

        Working Principle

        This Double Axle mixer has two spiral vanes, when power on the machine, Double Axle vanes of the machine rotational movement in opposite directions that make the materials and adhesive fully mixed, on the same time, the materials need from one stream to the other side of the machine, then, complete the full mix.


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