What's the difference between cement grinding station and cement production line?

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From:Xingyang Ju Xin Machinery Co., Ltd. Data: 2017-09-06
Cement grinding station is a stage in the cement production line, which is to add a proper amount of mixed material to cement clinker, then grind it to produce finished cement. Mixed materials generally include gypsum, fly ash, slag powder, etc.

The complete cement production line can be divided into four processes, such as preparation of raw materials, calcining of clinker, cement clinker grinding and finished packaging.

Silicate cement production process in the production of cement is representative, it is based on limestone and clay as the main raw material, through the broken, ingredients, grinding and then made of raw materials,raw materials into the cement rotary kiln for calcining, thereby gaining cement clinker, again will be grinding cement clinker with proper amount of gypsum (sometimes mixed with mixed materials or additive), finally be finished cement, cement finished product through the packaging system for packaging (generally divided into bags and bulk), and then enter the market.

In short, the cement grinding station is a part of the entire cement production line.

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